Kodis Blade Data
    A.Image Analyzer System

KODIS use Image Analyzer System to have digitalized concentration &#118alue.
KODIS Control Line : 60-65% (max 80% basis)

    B.Standard Image  
    1. Kinds of Shape  
    - High free cutting ability - Low free cutting ability
    - Small back-side chipping - Small top chipping
    - Shorter life time - Longer life time
    2. KODIS Control
  According to customer’s working condition, Diamond Source & Shape control (SEM,EDX).
    1. KODIS Control
  Set a adequate grit size range and oversized particles are completely removed by multi-sorting process.
(Use KODIS specialized GRADE from USA,JAPAN).
    1. Good Roundness
    2. KODIS Control
  KODIS increase the roundness accuracy by 5um deviation
KODIS change the HUB Interface shape that have a real sharp edge
For minimizes the possibility of blade damage due to flying chips
    1. When Bond Strength is High
    2. KODIS Control
  Utilizes Micro Knoop Hardness Tester
    1. KODIS Control
    KODIS documents edge images, upper images are limit line for Good
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